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The Taint of Midas

The Taint of Midas - Anne Zouroudi Ohhh... I didn't realize, reading the first in this series (Messenger of Athens) that this is a 'Seven Deadly Sins' series. The previous book focused on 'Lust' - this one is 'Greed.'

Greed, as it so often does, comes in the form of a rapacious developer, who will stop at nothing to acquire a prime spot of land, on which he wishes to build retirement villas for wealthy foreigners.

Sadly, the owner of this plot of land, an elderly beekeeper, has recently been killed in a vicious hit-and-run. The body was found by his long-time friend, the enigmatic investigator Hermes Diaktoros, who will implacably pursue justice for his death.

Along the way, he will encounter corruption, selfishness and venality - but also moments of generosity and honesty.

The setting here is on the mainland, rather than a small island, and it feels much more contemporary - definitely present day, with mentions of technology and modern architecture.

Overall, this is not nearly as dark a book as the first one. I'm not sure it's quite as good, objectively, but it's less disturbing. Not everyone is as awful and/or hopeless a person in this book as we saw in the prior installment. The reader remains fairly confident throughout that justice will, eventually, be done. Hermes' justice is quite harsh - but satisfying and appropriate. The reader gets a few more glimpses of Hermes - but who and what he really is remains a mystery.

I'd definitely like to continue with this series.

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