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The Plucker - Brom I love, love, love Brom's artwork.
However... well, as a writer...
It wasn't terrible, at all. It actually had some very spooky moments. But it wasn't the most original of stories (the drama that toys get up to when a child is asleep). It had a bit of stereotyping, and some mildly crude moments that felt misplaced, in the context of the story.
I couldn't really decide who the target audience is, either. The child in the story is 10, but I'm not at all sure that most 10-year-olds would like it. (The child is more incidental-victim than a character, anyway.) It's not really written for an adult audience, either, though.
The artwork that accompanies the story still feels more like a portfolio of related works than actual illustrations - the layout felt a bit disjointed.
I did love the main character, 'Jack' though. The pictures of him won me over. They're just so cool.
I still want to go on and read Brom's 'The Child Thief.'