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Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides A Pulitzer-prize winning novel - really good.
It's an extremely realistic, insightful novel about a hermaphrodite. It starts out with the narrator's grandparents emigrating to the US from Greece after the Turkish invasion, and has a lot to do with The Immigrant Experience (reminding me at times of 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Klay'), and continues on through the narrators birth, being raised as a normal girl, falling in love with 'her' best friend, realizing at puberty that something was not right - being taken to an expert, threatened with a mutilating operation, running away, working in a freak show in San Francisco, and eventually finding a successful life and hope for a real relationship in Berlin...
Those details don't really give anything away, because the book is all about the experience and the emotions, about family, tragedy, relationships, revelations and hope. Highly recommended.