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The Novice's Tale - Margaret Frazer The first in the extensive 'Sister Frevisse' medieval mystery series.
Although it is definitely more a formula mystery than an historical
novel, I didn't find it to be aggravatingly ahistorical.
Set in 15th century England, the convent of St. Fridewide's is home to
Sister Frevisse, a devout but eminently practical nun. It's also home
to Thomasine, a young novice whose piousness goes far beyond the
ordinary. Thomasine is deathly afraid that her loud and obnoxious Aunt
Ermentrude will somehow drag her out of the convent to be married
before she can take her final vows. So when Lady Ermentrude turns up
dead, suspicion naturally falls on Thomasine - shy as she may be, she
definitely had a motive. And the official in charge of investigating
the crime seems loath to look any further and the quickest and easiest
suspect to hang the crime on (and hang). But Sister Frevisse has a
feeling that Thomasine is innocent - and it looks like it will fall to
her to try to find the actual murderer.
A fun and entertaining read.