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Remake - Connie Willis This short novel (really a novella) displays Willis' usual wit and facility with language, making it enjoyable to read no matter what the topic. Unfortunately (for me), the topic here is classic song-and-dance musical films (think Fred Astaire). I really quite strongly dislike such films, probably more than any other genre I can think of. And a good portion of this book is a pure nostalgia-fest - which, if were for something else, might have convinced me, but, as it was, didn't. (It would be a hopeless cause, no matter what.)
Still, I did enjoy the sci-fi elements of the story: in the (near?) future, actors are all computer-generated: images 'licensed' from the classics, or 'scans' of existing people, who don't actually have to act (or dance, etc). An angst-ridden film buff, who's currently working bowdlerizing old films by censoring them (cutting out all reference to 'Addictive Substances,' all the while drinking to excess and doing drugs himself), meets a naive young woman who desperately wants to be an actual performer in musicals...
Not bad, but my least favorite of Willis' that I've read thus far.