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Terminal Cafe - Ian McDonald This book reminded me of a cross between JG Ballard and Bruce Sterling. In a future LA, nanotechnology has allowed for the resurrection of the dead. This has resulted in a huge shift in social mores - life has become cheaper, and the living are playboys, experimenting with designer drugs and thrill games, served by the dead, who are essentially human but have no legal status. However, out in space, freedead revolutionaries fight for their rights.
The story centers loosely on a group of old friends who, traditionally, meet up at the Terminal Cafe annually. However, they really don't all like each other, and each has their own thing going on... emotional ambivalence and violent trouble surround them, variously...
The book is really more a "slice of life" in McDonald's postulated future than a plot-driven novel. At times I liked it, at others, I found it a bit hard to follow and to maintain interest.