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Suckers - Anne Billson I got this book based on the author's short story in Granta's 'Best British Novelists.' (And I was like, 'what? A vampire novel I've never heard of?') It was interesting, but I don't think I'd place it in a best-of-the-best list.
It was extremely 90's, to the point of feeling a bit dated sometimes. It reminded me a slight bit of Bret Easton Ellis in tone and attitude.
The narrator, Dora, a 'creative consultant,' discovers that her sometime-lover's girlfriend is a vampire, and proceeds to uncover a massive plot by vampires to take over society through a business conglomerate.
The really notable thing about the book is what a horrible, nasty person the narrator is. She's not even slightly sympathetic, nor is she supposed to be. Sometimes the sharply satiric tone of the book works, at other times, for me, it fell flat.