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Simple Bead & Mosaic Style (Simple Style)

Simple Bead & Mosaic Style (Simple Style) - Karen Hossack First, the book presents photographs of the author's crafts projects.
Then, it gives you a brief description/instructions on how to create those exact projects.
The final section gives you templates to trace, etc, to re-create the exact same things.

From a practical perspective, it would have made more sense to separate the book into projects: photos, instructions and templates all together, rather than making it into three different sections.

From an aesthetic perspective: none of these projects were appealing enough to want to bother to re-create. I was hoping for some inspiration, and some practical tips on technique. I've found far more useful tips (and much more inspirationally gorgeous photos) on the internet.

Also, some of the ideas are just peculiar. For example, the author suggests making your mosaic backsplash on a board, and then just "leaning it against the wall." I'm putting my mosaic directly onto the wall, thanks - I think it would look silly, messy and amateur to just have a large board leaning against the wall.