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Arabesques: More Tales of the Arabian Nights

Arabesques: More Tales of the Arabian Nights - Susan Shwartz, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Melissa Scott, William R. Forstchen, Harry Turledove, M.J. Engh, Sandra Miesel, Larry Nivan, Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Jane Yolen, Esther M. Friesner, Nancy Springer, Andre Norton, Judith Tarr An anthology of short fantasy stories inspired by the Arabian Nights. Some decent stuff, some mediocre stuff, like many 'theme' anthologies.

Editor's Note by Susan M. Shwartz
Tales Told at Ramadan by Susan M. Shwartz • [section introduction]
The Tale of the Djinni and the Sisters by Larry Niven
The Tale of the Rose and the Nightingale (And What Came of It) by Gene Wolfe
Foolish, Wicked, Clever and Kind by Tanith Lee
The Caravan's Tales by Susan M. Shwartz • [section introduction]
Memoirs of a Bottle Djinni by Jane Yolen
An Eye for the Ladies by Esther M. Friesner
Truthseeker by Nancy Springer
Toward the Realm of Jade by Susan M. Shwartz [section introduction]
The Dowry of the Rag Picker's Daughter by Andre Norton
Kehailan by Judith Tarr
The Elephant In-Law by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Tales of the Mongol's Guards by Susan M. Shwartz [section introduction]
The King Who Was Summoned to Damascus by Melissa Scott
The Truthsayer by William R. Forstchen
The Banner of Kaviyan by Harry Turtledove
The Consolations of Philosophy by Susan M. Shwartz[section introdoction]
The Lovesick Simurgh by M. J. Engh
Ramadan, Again by Susan M. Shwartz • [afterword]
To Learn More About the World of The Arabian Nights by Sandra Miesel • [bibliography]
About the Authors • Misc. Material • [biography]