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The Prince of the Pond: Otherwise Known as De Fawn Pin

Prince Of The Pond - Jacob Grimm, Donna Jo Napoli, Judy Schachner This is very definitely a childrens' book, but I picked it up because I had previously read a couple of more 'mature' books by Napoli: 'Zel', which retells the story of Rapunzel, and was excellent, and 'Beast', which is based on Beauty and the Beast, and was also good. 'The Prince of the Pond' is also a fairy-tale-based book, working with The Frog Prince. As I said, it's definitely for younger readers - but it's also quite funny, with an original take on the story, from the point of view of a female frog who meets the prince after his befuddling transformation - and finds him quite fetching - enough so to forgive his quite un-froglike behavior, and attempt to save him both from himself and the frog-munching witch of the swamp.