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MaddAddam: A Novel

MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood I love Margaret Atwood. I think this trilogy is well done.
However... I don't love it. I want to, but I don't.

It's mainly an aesthetic thing, I think. Perhaps a bit of my not finding quite the same things funny that Atwood does.

This book begins with a very helpful brief summary of the previous two books, 'Year of the Flood' & 'Oryx & Crake.' Unfortunately, it doesn't really move on from there much. Most of the book is spent in flashback, explaining elements of the characters' back story and seeing events from different perspectives. I kept expecting it to 'catch up' and move on... but not much really happened. It began to remind me to one of Orson Scott Card's gratuitous (IMO) 'sequels' to Ender's Game.

The only actual story we have here is quite slight - an almost-cliched story of the Good Human Surviviors teaming up (with the terrifyingly innocent Crakers and some genetically engineered pigs) to protect themselves and take the fight to the insane, violent post-apocalyptic barbarian rapist/murderers that threaten them...

If you loved the punny humor mixed with social commentary in the first two books - you'll likely like this one too. It's barely squeaking in at three stars due to Atwood's wit and writing style. But I think that even the most ardent fan might have wished for a bit more from the conclusion to this trilogy.