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The Blackwell Pages 01. Loki's Wolves

The Blackwell Pages 01. Loki's Wolves - K. L. Armstrong;M. A. Marr A middle-grades book. The author is Kelley Armstrong - is the 'initial' thing an attempt to sell this book to boys? Aren't we past that yet?

This story does to Norse mythology what Percy Jackson and the Olympians did to Greek mythology. The book is very, very similar in tone and feel to Rick Riordan's writing. If you're a fan; go for it, you will love this. I didn't - but that's mainly my personal preference.

A group of American children who are the descendants of the Norse gods are drawn together in a quest to save the world - Ragnarok is approaching. They must form alliances, learn who to trust, and discover their godly powers.

As this is a series; we don't get around to Ragnarok in this volume - it ends quite abruptly.