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Emily and the Strangers #1

Emily and the Strangers #1 - Mariah Huehner,  Rob Reger,  Emily Ivie 5 stars for the art – 3 stars for the plot.

This graphic novel contain three previously-published comics, beginning a story about Emily the Strange – musician, inventor and all-around kick-ass chick - having to start a band in order to win a contest.
Emily's got an updated look in these new stories, but while I always liked her old look, I love the new one too. She still got the adorably gothic thing going on. And of course - her black cats. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of cats. More than usual. (And we'll have to wait for the continuation to find out why). And they're all adorable.
Not only that, but all her new band members are adorable. Can I use the word 'adorable' one more time? Seriously, you cannot read this and not wish that this had been your high school band.

However, the plot itself is pretty flat. Independent Emily must learn to play with others (literally) in order to secure her prize. Yay teamwork. Blah.I could've used some more subversive, spooky content. I LIKE that Emily's anti-social.

It's pretty cool that there's an actual song and video to go along with the story: http://www.emilystrange.com/band/. Again, it could be a little darker to match Emily's look. But hey, she's not the only one in the band, and teamwork usually equals artistic compromise, doesn't it?

Copy provided by NetGalley. THANKS!
And - this is the first item I read on my new Nook. THANKS to the City of Newark! ;-)