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Chimera - Will Shetterly A very enjoyable light read - an adventure/mystery set in a cyberpunk-y near future where gene-spliced hybrid human/animals have become an underclass. I felt like it would make a fun movie.
A beautiful part-cat woman pressures a hard-boiled gambling detective to take her on as a client. Her patron, an activist and scientist in favor of 'chimera' rights, has been murdered - and she could be framed for the crime.
While I liked reading it, I don't feel like it's one of those stories that will stick with me forever...

And, sorry, but I have got to bitch about the cover art. Does the woman on that cover look to you like she has "Mayan cheekbones, a wide nose, and copper-colored skin"? Not to me she doesn't. For that matter, she's not wearing a "short" jumpsuit either, although it IS iridescent green, and her boots are sort of silver, as described in the book.