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The Soul Mirror - Carol Berg The sequel to 'The Spirit Lens' - and really, you've got to read that one first!
The first book ended with a satisfying resolution to the main mystery - but circles of conspirators still plague the kingdom of Sabria.
Anne de Vernase, a convicted traitor's daughter, is called to court to serve as the queen's handmaiden, her family estates confiscated by the crown. The man who fetches her to court, Savin Duplais (the main character of 'Spirit Lens') is deeply suspicious of her, and to her, seems like a horrible person. Berg does nice work here in showing the same characters through a different person's perspective.
Mystery, political intrigue, and lots of wizardly doings abound, and at one point or another, nearly everyone is under suspicion of traitorous deeds...
I didn't love this one quite as much as the first in the series, but it was still, for true enjoyment value, worth 5 stars. Can't wait for the third in this series to be published!