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Sorry - Zoran Drvenkar I picked up this thriller because I saw it recommended for fans of Stieg Larsson, and I saw that it's translated from the German. I kinda figured that if it's good enough to translate, it must be a cut above the average.
For most of the book, I did think that it was above average. I think the translator did an excellent job; I didn't notice any awkward language at all. I very much liked the narrative style, which I truth was brought over faithfully from the original. I thought it was very well-written, and it also had good narrative tension - it keeps the reader busy keeping track of details and figuring out clues.
The initial premise was intriguing - a small group of college friends start a business making professional apologies for businesses - tendering offers to those wrongly fired, for example. But apparently, a killer misunderstands the point of their business, and "hires" them to make his mess "right."
So far, so good. But as the crimes were gradually revealed, I found it progressively more banal and typical of this genre. It was still good - but I thought it could have been just a bit better.