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The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss The dedication to this book says something about "if you want to do something, take your time and do it right the first time." I thought that was a pretty arrogant thing for an author to say about his first published book. However, reading the book... well, it's completely justified.
This doesn't read like a first novel. The writing shows a mastery of the craft, and I was quickly fully immersed in Rothfuss' world.
It's long, and not a whole lot happens. Some readers might feel impatient with this, but I'm fine with it. (I also really like Umberto Eco's 'Island of the Day Before,' to which, by comparison, nearly any book is an action-packed, non-stop riot.) It's not nearly that slow! The important thing is that I enjoyed every minute of it - I was intrigued by Kvothe's character, and absorbed by his quest to research and uncover the mysteries of the enigmatic Chandrian.
If I had to compare Rothfuss' work to that of any other fantasist, it would be Carol Berg, whom I also love. But the voice here is definitely unique. I'll definitely be reading the sequel, whenever I can manage to get my hand on it!