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Zone One: A Novel - Colson Whitehead If you're a fan of zombies, you should read this. It's going up to #2 in my rankings of zombie books, right behind World War Z. Reason? It's really, really well written. Whitehead has a way with words...
However, I couldn't help wishing that the book had a bit more narrative tension. I understand the futility and not-going-anywhere inherent in a zombie story. I understand the narrator's struggle with his PASD (Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder!), and his lack of linear thinking. I still wanted a bit more linear progress in the book.
But the delight of Whitehead's incisive social commentary, the insight into the psychology of disaster, and, as I said, the language of the book, made me enjoy it all the way through, even when nothing much was happening. And it ended just the way a zombie story ought...