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The Inhuman Condition  - Clive Barker Classic Barker - if you're a fan, don't miss this one. I thought I had read all of the Books of Blood back in high school, but I didn't remember these stories at all.

The book includes 5 short stories:

The Inhuman Condition
A group of delinquents beat up an old homeless man for fun. But when one of them steals a knotted cord from him, and obsessively starts to loose the knots, he may loose demons upon the world... or worse.

The Body Politic
A fresh take on the horror trope of hands that turn against their owner.

A preacher, his wife, and their assistant check into a haunted motel, where the ghosts may be trying to get things right, but the living are still prone to getting things wrong.

Down, Satan!
An evil tycoon, ignored by god, decides to re-create hell, on earth.

The Age Of Desire
Illicit scientific experimentation leads to the creation of an "aphrodisiac" that runs out of control.

"Revelations" and "The Inhuman Condition" were by far my favorites, but the whole book is worth reading.