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A Flaw in the Blood - Stephanie Barron On the night of Prince Albert's death, Queen Victoria summons the lawyer Patrick Fitzgerald to court. Shortly afterward, the carriage carrying Patrick and his ward, the female doctor Georgiana Armistead, is brutally attacked. They both escape, but who is the attacker? Which one of them is being targeted? And why? They must solve the mystery, if they wish to live.
This is an OK period mystery, but I wasn't wildly in love with it. I liked the character of Georgiana, but felt oddly removed from her - perhaps I would've enjoyed the story more from her perspective?

I haven't read anything else from this author - apparently she is most well known for her Jane Austen fan fiction... uh... tributes?... and I have to admit to not being a huge Austen fan, so I'm not feeling compelled to seek out another of her books.