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Ragamuffin - Tobias S. Buckell Aw, darn. I didn't realize till looking here on goodreads that this is #2 in a series. I even own #1, sitting somewhere in the TBR boxes. So - I have to admit that perhaps some of my issues with the book might be cleared up by having read the first book first.

It's space opera.
It is an action book. It goes at a mile-a-minute, and something totally new is happening every 3 pages. There is no pausing for explanation, introspection, or anything else.

It's in 3 parts.
The first part deals solely with the bad-ass heroine Nashara, who's a cyber-clone designed to take out the alien masters of humanity, or something (it's not specified). I really liked and enjoyed this part, even though interesting things kept getting brought up and then zipped swiftly by, never to return...

The second part starts very abruptly, and with no seeming connection to the first part. Suddenly, we are on an alien planet where there are Azteca, whose rivals are the Tolteca, and there are recently re-arrived aliens, who some humans regard as gods, called the Teotl. Ok, all fine and good. But there needs to be at least Some Tiny Explanation of why human settlers would re-create a dead civilization, complete with ethnic rivalries. Nothing. Not one line of explanation. And I kept going, "Who are all these people, and how is this supposed to tie in with the first story?"

OK, the third part ties it together. Sort of. Nashara hooks back up with the fleet of Ragamuffin (rebel Caribbean people) ships and uses her cyber powers to take over the Chinese/Japanese ships that are in league with the alien Satraps (these are different aliens than the Teotl), and form a sort-of alliance with the untrustworthy Teotl, who claim to be refugees from some Other aliens, and some children are rescued, and a lot of other people get blown up but the good guys win... for now.