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Prisoner of the Iron Tower - Sarah Ash Reviewing "Prisoner of the Iron Tower" and "Children of the Serpent Gate" together.
These are #2 and #3 in the trilogy, and I feel much the same way about them as I did about the first book: I really liked them.

Thee aren't books I would recommend to a non-fantasy fan in order to win them over to fantasy - but if you're a fan of long, complex fantasies with lots of plotting and politics as well as action and magic and just a little romance - well, these deliver.

The ante is upped here, as more of the drakhaoul are released, and enter humans - giving their hosts the ability to shapeshift into a dragon of terrifying power. But such power comes with a price - and the dragons may have their own motivations and agenda.

I felt that both books maintained the pacing set by the first in the series, and that the story was drawn to a satisfying conclusion. Enjoyable light reading - I'll be reading more from Ash in the future.