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Distrust That Particular Flavor - William Gibson With this book, Gibson reminds me, yet again, how much, and why, I love him.
So many times, in this book, I found myself saying, "Yes! Exactly! I've thought that before - but never quite so clearly; I never would have expressed it just like that..." His writing brings concepts into focus, vague idea suddenly cohere...
This is a book collecting the non-fiction writing that Gibson's published over his career, with brief introductions/thoughts on the pieces. There's not a lot of it; and some of the selections are a little peculiar (like introductions to other books, which feel slightly bizarre, out of context.) I'm also not sure that the order of the pieces, as presented here, really makes sense or adds to the experience.
However, all of it is worth reading, both as good writing, and out of historical interest. It also provides insight into Gibson, both philosophically, and as a writer.
Recommended for his fans.