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Lost Everything - Brian Francis Slattery A slow boat ride through the apocalypse...
I heard the author at a reading shortly after finishing the book, and he's much too apologetic about his book being negative and depressing. Embrace it! Everything is going to hell! Yes!
That said, it's actually not as depressing as it might be. Yes, the United States is in a state of socio-economic collapse, wracked by a civil war fueled by desperation and despair. There's a lot of misery, denial, malaise, and yes, a great deal of loss.
But, judged by the standards of the post-apocalyptic genre, there's also a reasonable amount of hope... and music.

Yes, this book shares some elements and themes that 'The Road' (unoriginally) contained, but I like Slattery's writing style a lot better. Even when the plot (such as it was), was moving particularly slowly I enjoyed the lyricism, and the mood. But the book bears a great deal more similarity to 'Heart of Darkness,' (there are many obviously-intentional parallels) and possibly to J.G. Ballard's novels (his own homage to Heart of Darkness, 'The Day of Creation,' and his apocalyptic work as well...