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Snow in May: Stories
Kseniya Melnik
The Repentant - Brian M. Thomsen, Martin H. Greenberg Saw this and said, "oh, horror anthology, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, I'll check it out."
The theme of the book is that the "monsters" are actually the good guys, or at least sympathetic to some degree, so it's not really a very 'horrific' book.
Some of the stories are OK, some really not so good; none of them really made a lasting impression. If Goodreads had half stars, this would be a 2.5.

Lycanthrope summer / Jeff Grubb
The Salem trial / Jody Lynn Nye
The den mother / Edo van Belkom
Brothers in the flesh / Fiona Patton
Heat / Jean Rabe
She dwelleth in the cold of the moon / James Lowder
Sceleratus / Tanya Huff
Slaughter / P.N. Elrod
A Hollywood tradition / Brian M. Thomsen
Intercession / Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The devil you know / Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The recall of Cthulhu / Tom Dupree
Redeemed / Allen C. Kupfer.