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The Reptile Room - Lemony Snicket I feel it would not have been inappropriate for a publisher to have mushed all 13 books in this series into one volume. Then I would have just powered through it.
As it is, I've been trying to pick them up, but I don't have them all in order, and I'm not SO thrilled with them that I feel motivated to go acquire all of them.
So now, I've read two. I have a couple more that come later in the series floating around.

This second "chapter" in the story finds our Unfortunate Orphans at a seeming upswing... they've escaped their evil cousin Count Olaf, and have been placed in the care of their uncle, a kindly herpetologist.
Fun and interesting activities are promised, such as taking care of unusual reptiles and amphibians, and even a trip to Peru... but of course, things are bound to go wrong.