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The Reapers Are the Angels - Alden Bell NOT a post-apocalyptic book club selection - but I felt like it ought to have been! It really fit in with most of the books that get selected for my club meetings... except, of course, the guy doing the selecting is not a big fan of zombies, and well, There Are Zombies.
Zombies aside, the book reminded me a little of Marcel Theroux's 'Far North,' and I know I've encountered that grotesque, bloated, frighteningly insectoid caricature of a mother figure before...

Told from the point of view of a young girl who's never known anything but a violent, post-apocalyptic landscape full of zombies; the book successfully captures both her grief and trauma, and the way in which she takes bizarre and threatening occurrences in stride.

Like many books in this genre, the plot follows a meandering and circuitous path through wasteland, allowing the reader to encounter a series of odd situations, along with the protagonist. Temple (the girl in question) is wracked with an inarticulate grief over the loss of a boy who may have been her brother, and feels compelled to try to become the temporary guardian of a mentally disabled man she encounters. The attempt to get him to safety becomes her guiding force.

Overall, it was quite good, but I felt that the latter portion of the book went a bit over the top and got off track.(One supernatural premise is good. Throwing an extra layer in as a twist toward the end of a book just strains it a bit.)