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The Prisoner of Heaven: A Novel - Carlos Ruiz Zafon While I was reading this, my acquaintance saw me carrying it: "OOOOOhhh! A new Carlos Zafon book?!?!? When did it come out?!?!?! But... it's so TINY!"
OK, it's not really all that tiny, at 279 pages. But it is significantly shorter that either of the previous 'Cemetery of Forgotten Books' stories. It also reads much quicker - it almost feels like a TV episode, as opposed to a whole movie.
That said, I'm still opting to give it 5 stars, because I love these books. I love their feel, the atmosphere, the content... And, I suppose, "I wish it was longer" isn't a very valid complaint.

This story concentrates on the character of Fermin and continues the romance we saw him start in Shadow of the Wind. A dark secret from his past turns up on the bookseller's doorstep, and dredges up the terrible events that happened under Franco's dictatorship.

Can Fermin trust his friend Daniel to help him; or will he drag everyone he loves into danger?

Even when Zafon is talking about people being tortured in fascist dungeons, his vivid depictions of Barcelona make me want to travel back to the city...