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Lady Of Sherwood - Jennifer Roberson The sequel to Roberson's "Lady of the Forest," her retelling of the Robin Hood legend.
I enjoyed the first one enough to pick this one up... though the first one pretty much seemed to have it covered; as far as the original story. Where was she going to go from there?
The outlaws were pardoned by the king himself, Marian had inherited her manor house and was living in bliss with Robin, everything was going well and all our heroes were seemingly enjoying their happy ending.

Well - King John bites it, refusing to name an heir, leaving the land in a state of unrest. The nasty Sheriff of Nottingham takes this opportunity to rescind the pardon and persecute Marian; threatening to take all her property and execute all of her friends.

So - we're basically back to square one, and we can re-run the story... while there's a bit of a sense of deja vu, it's still enjoyably written, and recommended for any fans of the Robin Hood legends...