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Pegasus - Robin McKinley "My Little Pony" for smart girls.

But still.

I've read everything Robin McKinley has published, I'm pretty sure, and 'The Blue Sword' is in my top-10 favorite books of all time.
I was really excited to read this book - and it wasn't horrible, but it was rather disappointing and mildly annoying. I might have liked it much more if I were eleven.

In a far-off kingdom, for centuries, an alliance has held between the humans and the pegasi, who cooperate to fight off an assortment of evil and dangerous creatures who threaten the realm. However, although royal children of both species are magically 'bonded' to each other, there's an ongoing inability to effectively communicate.

UNTIL now... the young princess and her pegasus counterpart can speak to each other perfectly, telepathically! But rather than rejoicing, both sides - especially the human magicians - find this to be a dire threat. The head magician is really mad.

But he doesn't do much about it. The princess is invited to visit the secret lands of the pegasi. She does. It's all cool and magical and stuff.

The end.

Yeah, not much happens. I know that sequels are on the way, but really, unless you are *completely* *enthralled* by the idea of having a best friend that is a beautiful, intelligent flying horse, there's not much to this book.