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The House of Discarded Dreams - Ekaterina Sedia I expected to like this far more than I did. Maybe my expectations made me like it a little less? Not sure. I preferred both 'Alchemy of Stone' and 'Secret History of Moscow.'
In 'House of Discarded Dreams,' teenager Vimbai is seeking her independence (and, especially, some distance from her overbearing mother's socio-political opinions). She moves into her own place for the first time, becoming roommates with another young woman and her strange roommate - a guy whose 'hair' is actually a bizarre pocket dimension. it only gets stranger from there, as soon their dilapidated beachside house is adrift on the waves, seemingly growing endless rooms - and the book is spewing a steady stream of surreal, unfocused philosophy.

There were aspects to the book I liked very much - it did accurately capture the inchoate but allusive feeling of dreaming - and I could empathize with Vimbai and her conflicted feeling about identity/growing up. But I still felt the book was missing something in its meanderings.