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The Slippery Slope - Michael Kupperman, Lemony Snicket, Brett Helquist The children, are, quite literally, sliding down the slippery slope as the book opens. Actually more like plummeting. But - a typically-ridiculous scheme saves them, they meet a group of Scouts in the mountains who sing an annoying and repetitive song (if you thought that it couldn't get worse than 'have a heart-shaped balloon; you were wrong.)
Plus, the terrible Carmelita Spats is back!
On the more positive side; they meet the presumed-dead Quigley Quagmire - who might actually know something concrete about the mysterious V.F.D.
Will the children be able to rescue Sunny from the nefarious clutches of Count Olaf, and unravel the mystery behind what happened to their parents in that terrible tragedy that left them orphans?