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The Ice Princess: A Novel - Camilla Läckberg The last book I read that was recommended for 'fans of Stieg Larsson' (by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir) - well, I really didn't 'get' the connection. However, here, the back cover makes that same recommendation - and I'd have to agree. I felt that both the 'feel' of the book, and the mystery's gradual unpeeling of layers of secrets, was very similar to Larsson's methodology, over and above the Swedish setting.

The small town of Fjallbäcka doesn't generally have much crime. When the body of a young woman is found in a frozen bathtub, her wrists slashed, the immediate assumption is that it's an uncomplicated suicide. Certainly, the lazy police inspector, exiled to the boonies due to his incompetence, has no desire to investigate more than he has to. But the dead woman's long-estranged childhood friend, Erica, motivated mostly by the desire to write a book about the incident, together with a detective with a childhood crush on her, team up to discover that there was far more behind this death than first guessed.

This was Läckberg's first novel; I'd definitely read more by her.