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Death of a Nightingale - Lene Kaaberbol;Agnete Friis Natasha,a young Ukrainian refugee in Denmark, will do anything to save her kidnapped daughter. But why was her daughter a target in the first place? The authorities suspect Natasha of killing two men, but she's got an ally in Red Cross nurse Nina Borg.

Frequent flashbacks to the story of two sisters and their sufferings under Stalin in 1930s Ukraine let the reader know that the events of the two time periods must be linked... but we don't discover how until well into the book.

There's a mystery here, but I'd classify the book as 'crime fiction' rather than mystery, because not much investigating really happens. Rather than a character finding things out, the vital information is doled out in small bits by the authors... which makes the tension feel a bit artificial.

I'd also have liked to know more about Nina Borg, right off the bat - I know there are two previous novels featuring her, which I haven't read - perhaps reading them first would have solved this issue! As it was, however, her character seemed a bit underdeveloped and extraneous to the story.

Still, not bad.

I received this book as a giveaway from Goodreads FIRST READS. Thank you Goodreads!

(PS - as with, it seems, most Scandinavian fiction, this book does indeed, if briefly, mention Ikea.)