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Ascending - James Alan Gardner Gardner was a new author for me, with this book. To me, this novel suffered a lot due to the fact that it seemed like the author couldn't decided whether he wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek, funny farce or a serious sf adventure. The result was something that can't really be taken seriously, but isn't really funny, either.
The narrator is Oar, the last (conscious) woman of her kind - a woman made of transparent glass, who looks, we are told "llike a digital effect." She is also incredibly self-absorbed, naive, and childlike. It turns out that there is a plot-related reason for her character flaws, but reading a story narrated by this incredibly tiresome character gets, well, tiresome.
Oar is worried bout succumbing to the problem all her people have succumbed to 'Tired Brain Syndrome'. Around the age of 50, they get tired, confused, and just go to sleep. People though Oar was dead, but she is not, and now an interplanetary team including her friend Festina Ramos has showed up - but another group wants to kidnap her as well - and a mysterious alien who is always associated with terrible disasters has appeared to her as well, offering her a cure in return for her cooperation with an unspecified plan.... the story is rather unmemorable.