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Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil - Nancy Atherton I admit, it was the 'Devil' in the title that got me reading this one! This is one of a long series of 'cozy' supernatural mystery novels. Unlike some I've read in this genre, the supernatural plot elements are 'real.' 'Aunt Dimity' is a ghost who communicates with the rather ordinary Lori Shepherd through messages in an old diary, giving her warnings when needed - and helping her solve mysteries, of course. In this episode, Lori reluctantly leaves her toddlers alone with their father and takes an assignment to evaluate a rare-book collection, located in a Gothic mansion in a remote corner of England. But what seems like a straightforward job becomes more complex when first, Lori needs to be rescued by a temptingly handsome stranger, the couple who are the new owners of the rare books library are hardly acting like newlyweds... and warnings are coming from Dimity to 'Leave, Now.'
Entertaining light reading.