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The Blood Countess: A Novel - Andrei Codrescu Supposedly a historical novel about Elizabeth Bathory.
The book is framed in the context of a courtroom confession of a man (Bathory's descendant) who is explaining to a judge why he turned himself in for supposedly killing a woman - but why it was justified. (Possession by the spirit of the evil murdering Bathory, but things went wrong).
But it doesn't work, because not even with the furthest stretch of the imagination can one imagine a judge sitting there listening to all this crap.
The book is divided between this courtroom-story, and the "story" of Bathory herself, which makes not even the slightest attempt to be historical. Instead, it's an incredibly trashy S&M fantasy kinda thing. Which would be all fine and well, except it simultaneously manages to be boring, slow-moving, and not-at-all-hot.
Oh well. Not recommended.