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The Blood Knight - Greg Keyes This excellent fantasy series ("Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone") is very
reminiscent of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire - except that
it's actually finished! (There's one more book in the series that I
haven't yet read.) It follows a similar format, structurally, and the
'feel' of the writing is very similar. The story itself, however, is
quite original - at least, more so than many fantasy epics. I mean,
it's still got Dark Forces and Bold Warriors and Beautiful Queens etc,
etc... but we want that, right?

In the third book, The Blood Knight, the composer Leoff finds himself
entangled with the cursed and undead usurper, Robert. His only hope of
escape may be to create a composition of deadly power - music that may
kill anyone who hears it performed. But what cost to his soul will
writing this music take?
Meanwhile, Princess Anne is still on the run - but has begun to accept
the prophecy that she must be Queen, and finds a new maturity and
authority that is necessary to her destiny.
Anne may be the only hope the land has - because foul and deadly
creatures are seemingly multiplying, laying waste to the forest and
the lands. The Holter Aspar, Stephen, and Aspar's young village
sweetheart, Winna, are desperately seeking an answer to a dire problem
that becomes worse every day...

And now, I really rather desperately need to get my hands on a copy of
the fourth (and final) book in the series!