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City at the End of Time - Greg Bear A very competently done mainstream political thriller. It actually reminded me quite a lot of 'Cobweb,' but less quirky.
As in Cobweb, the threat is that Bioterror is Happening Right Here in the USA! Here, the bio-crap involves a nutty racist religious cult, a loner psycho, and a genetically messed-up, emotionally disturbed, AWOL FBI agent, who are trying to convince Israelis and Arabs separately that their product can genetically target their racial enemies for death.
Although, as I said, this book is competently written (and done in such a way that the inherent conservative politics are not too obtrusive or disturbing to the readers' experience), what I think was a big flaw in this book is the "monsterizing" of terrorism. The bad guys in this story are pretty much portrayed as being BORN abnormal or evil - they're genetic freaks, and this is kinda blamed for their evil.
This allows for a simple, black-and-white story, but really avoids the necessity of talking about the real issues involved - why, in reality, real people come to do evil things.