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The Clerk's Tale (Sister Frevisse, #11) - Margaret Frazer This is the second of the Sister Frevisse medieval mysteries that I've
read, but it is actually the eleventh in the series. Conveniently, the
murder victim in this installment was the 'bad guy' in the first book,
the crowner Montfort, so I felt up-to-date with the goings-on. In this
case, Monfort had been assigned to deal with an inheritance dispute,
which he was dealing with when he is found dead in a convent garden.
As he was never a sympathetic character, there is no shortage of
people who disliked him. Frevisse herself did not like the man - but
she finds it her duty to discover who might have been responsible for
his murder. In her investigations, she finds an ally in Montfort's
clerk, a likable man whose future is now uncertain.
As in the first volume, I found this to be a fairly typical mystery
genre novel, but brought well above the average by the author's
attention to period detail and entertaining characterizations.