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Creepers - David Morrell A thriller written by the guy who wrote Rambo: First Blood. (Which I never even knew was a book before it was a movie!)

Creepers is inspired by the actual urban adventurers who like to explore abandoned or forbidden modern ruins. Of course, here, the adventures are jazzed up considerably to make it a thriller. A professor, his students and a reporter sneak into an abandoned hotel on the Jersey Shore. The hotel was built by an eccentric recluse who liked to spy on his guests - but little do they know where that eccentricity would lead. And it is their bad luck to be followed into the building by some violent thugs.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It has some very effective and believable horrific elements. However, the aforementioned 'violent thugs' were both completely unnecessary, plot-wise, and completely unbelievable as characters. They added a layer to the plot that detracted from the main 'revelation' of the story.