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The Glasswrights' Apprentice - Mindy Klasky This was a light, fun fast read. (especially after Rushdie!) Set in a medieval-style fantasy world, a young apprentice accidentally uncovers a plot against the royal family within her guild. Her attempts to do the right thing only get her deeper in trouble, as she unwittingly gets involved in secret societies on both sides of a political conflict.
I did have some problems with the book: with the title, I would have expected the author to do some research into glassblowing and traditional methods of working with glass. We don't get to see any of that. The protagonist, Rani, could have been in any guild. When, as punishment, the guild is disbanded, too, there's no mention of how glass might be valuable to society and where they're going to get it if all glasswrights
are banned.
Also, Rani is hopelessly naive. That's ok - some people are. But the author makes it painfully obvious who's lying, or whatever, and that Rani doesn't see it. The book would be more entertaining if things were equally opaque (or transparent) to both the reader and the protagonist.
Lastly, I really had a personal problem with the author portraying a strict, oppressive caste system as being "good." I know it's important to understand all sides of an issue - but I didn't feel there was enough exploration of the issue to justify her stance.