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Lady of the Forest - Jennifer Roberson Roberson's retelling of the legend of Robin Hood will please all fans
of the classic tale. It doesn't re-imagine or mess with the characters
or their motivations - the people here are familiar friends and
enemies - but their story is fleshed out to a grandly epic 600+ pages
of enjoyment. (And there's a sequel, too! (Lady of Sherwood)). I felt
the book was influenced by the original BBC Robin Hood series (from
the 80's) as well as older version of the stories. The books strikes
an excellent balance between realistic and idealized depictions of the
people and their times, and between romance and action - it's
definitely a romantic novel, largely from Marian's point of view (as
one might guess from the title), but it never gets too bogged down in
romance (ignore the horrible edition of the book with the embarrassing
romance-novel cover art!)