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The Language of Power - Rosemary Kirstein This, the 4th book in the Steerswoman series, absolutely does not finish the story. I really do hope that Kirstein does finish it - and that we're not in for another 11 year wait, as there was between the second and third books. Although this is a good bok, and an excellent entry into the series, I was also disappointed that it does not deal with some of the most dramatic revelations of the previous book at all. (Intelligent aliens! Possibly threatened by humanity's existence on the planet! What to do?) Instead, Rowan is back to trying to go up against the mysterious wizard Slado, trying to divine his motives and figure out his 'magic' - which, to us, looks an awful lot like technology. Again, this is an excellent book - and it's a pleasure just to be able to spend more time with Rowan - but hopefully the next installment is on the way!