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The Last Continent (Discworld, #22) - Terry Pratchett The 22nd Discworld novel. In this volume, Pratchett introduces us to
the Discworld's equivalent of the continent of Australia.
Unseen University is in chaos, and the faculty decides that the only
way to put things back to rights is to find Rincewind the Wizzard,
whom rumor has it is on the continent of Fourecks (which strongly
resembles Australia). However, due to a mishap involving a cleaning
lady, a number of the wizards find themselves stranded on a
paradise-like coast - thirty thousand years in the past.
It's good to see Rincewind and the crotchety old wizards of Unseen
university again (not to mention the Luggage!), but unfortunately the
plethora of jokes involving Australian customs are a very mixed bag -
many of them weren't particularly inspired or funny. Overall, it's
entertaining, but not one of Pratchett's best.