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The Last Kingdom (The Saxon Stories, #1) - Bernard Cornwell This is only the second book I've read by this prolific historical fiction
author. The first, The Winter King, impressed me with its grittily
believable portrayal of a possible King Arthur.
The Last Kingdom gives us another Very Manly Man in the person of Uhtred,
a 9th-century English heir who is captured by Danish Viking invaders and
raised as one of their own. Conflicted between his own heritage and the
culture of the Danes, whose warlike, hearty religion and lifestyle appeals
to him, he grows to become a bold and violent leader of men. But he never
loses sight of his goal, which is to reclaim the fortress that was to be
his inheritance, no matter who might stand in his way.
Uhtred is not a very likable person, but he is believable for his time
period and background, and the English and Danish cultures and attitudes
of the time are vividly and believably rendered. Highly recommended for
any fans of Vikings!
Uhtred's saga already continues in three more novels (boy, Cornwell writes
fast - the first one just came out in 2004!)