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The Lost Steersman - Rosemary Kirstein One can say Rosemary Kirstein is an excellent author - but not a particularly fast one. There was an 11-year gap between the publication of the last book in this series (The Outskirter's Secret) and this one (1992 - 2003). However, this book is just as good as its predecessors - and that's quite good!
The Steerswoman Rowan continues her dangerous investigations into the plots of wizards, and how they may threaten the life of her people. What might be the motivation to disrupt weather and cause a war for resources? Where is the wizard that she suspects is behind it? Finding out information from an old friend, Rowan realizes she may have to travel even beyond the Outskirts to find her answers, and she must - at least temporarily - abandon her vows, in the service of a greater quest. But that quest will lead her to completely different - and weirder - revelations than she expected.
An excellent story, notable for some very unique and interesting depictions of alien life.