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Moongather  - Jo Clayton The first in the "Duel of Sorcery" series, but works as a stand-alone.
Jo Clayton pretty much pioneered the woman-centered "Sword-and-Sorceress" subgenre of fantasy, and although not much like this is getting published today, I think her writing holds up quite well.
It's not deep or metaphorical - it's pure fantasy-action-adventure, but her characters and settings are interesting and individual.
"Moongather" tells the story of Serroi, alternating between chapters that show her as a young girl and as a woman.
As a child, we learn, she was rejected by her tribe for being 'mis-born' - but the same traits that caused her people to reject her attracts the attention of a Noris, or sorcerer, who adopts her. But his motives in doing so may be suspect...
As a woman, we see Serroi as an independent meie, or swordswoman. Unfortunately, she's in a bad situation right now. Inadvertently, she has gained knowledge of a nefarious political plot, and she's being pursued by those who would rather see her dead than tell what she knows...