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Northern Girl  - Elizabeth A. Lynn This was my favorite of the trilogy by far.
Again, some years have passed in Arun. In a Council's attempt to bring peace to the land, swords have been banned from the cities - and along with them, the chearis, masters of weapons, have been banished as well. However, the Council is honeycombed with plots and intrigues, and the powerful society of 'witches' - those with mental talents - may be involved as well.
The girl of the book's title, Sorren, is a bondservant in the house of a childless council member, Arre Med, who cares for her 'almost as a daughter,' but whose main focus is the governance of the city. Sorren has her own concerns - ranging from the mysterious visions of a Northern Keep that come upon her unexpectedly, the fortune-telling cards that were her only inheritance from her mother, the issue of whether to go to the witches (as the law states that she should) about her visions, or whether she should instead leave her southern home and travel north in search of the source of her visions and her origins.
But she cares for her employer/mistress, and even more for her lover, an older woman who is the head of the Med family's guard.
While Sorren's trying to make these personal decisions, larger issues are coming to a head, as powerful families are vying for power, smuggling illegal weapons into the city, staging riots and jostling for alliances....

Thoroughly enjoyable!