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Of Swords and Spells - Delia Marshall Turner It's unusual to be really really sad that you've finished a book. But I am. Because this was the second book by Turner that I've read - and those are the only two she's published. Moreover, her website surely does not get one's hopes up: "No, the next book is not going to be out soon."
Both this and her other book, which I read just about a year ago, 'Nameless Magery,' are really fun, enjoyable science-fantasy, with non-stereotypical feisty heroines. Both books take place in the same universe (and there are a few tie-ins for those who've read both!) but they are both stand-alone novels, and very different stories.
The protagonist here, Malka, is cute, petite and charming - but also short-tempered and anti-social, with an extreme reticence about talking about her past. She's been studying at a fencing school - but, we quickly learn, she's on the run from both the interplanetary Enforcers - and someone else. She also seems to have an awful lot of magic for someone who is adamant about not being a 'witch.'
Thrust against her will into the ship of a disrespected Monitor and his motley crew of magic-users, an adventure full of witchery, romance, and a good deal of swashbuckling action, not to mention a bit of world-saving, ensues.
Great stuff.